April and May on Delay

After multiple reminders (ahem ahem, nudge) that the blog has not been updated in months ;), I will work to impress you with another post featuring multiple videos and Finn-omenal pictures.

A lot has changed in the past two months. Finn has moved from not crawling to super-efficient-army crawling, to trying to actually crawl, to standing and cruising like a pro.  The one thing he has not yet mastered is how to sit gracefully from standing 🙂 Finn is increasingly attentive these days… staring directly at our mouths when we talk, and responding to what we say (Can you give mom a kiss? Would you like to drink your juice?).

Gigi and Doc Terschluse came for a visit to Charlotte, and Finn enjoyed spending time with them at music class and at the Discovery Place (his new “second” playroom down the street from our condo). We also made a trip to Boston for Uncle Danny’s graduation from Boston College – congrats, Uncle Danny!

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