Frequent Flier Finn

We were back on the road again in March, with visits to Minnesota and St. Louis for Easter.  Between the two trips, we saw lots of family and friends.  Finn even got to meet Sadie Shaul, the newest addition to the 10007 College Roommate Baby Clan.  In Minnesota, Finn saw his cousin Ella again, and she literally stomped all over him! **see video** Back at home in Charlotte, Finn started swim lessons with Dad, and he’s loving every minute!

We took our digital keyboard out at home, and Finn loves playing with it, and any other instrument in sight. He is growing so much, and still tops the charts for height at 9 months (100th percentile!).  While reading books, he also understands when we ask him to turn the page – he turns it every time!  He is starting to show real signs of crawling, and he can hold himself up very well when standing while we hold his hands.  We’ve been adding puffs, yogurt and protein to his diet, and so far, he’s loving everything, although he’s still confused by the texture of the fruit and veggie chunks!

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