Finn had lots of visitors in January. First, Annie and Andrew came from San Fran for a visit, and we convinced Liz and Dave to drive over from Raleigh for the day!  Finn finally met Charlie Binz, also a future ND classmate (ask the Dads what year the babies would graduate, and they can all spout it off before the question is finished…).  Then, Grandma Traeger came for a visit – too bad the weather turned cold the moment she got here, and was back up to the 50s when she left!

Finn is rolling around like a madman and sitting up – finally catching up to his cousin Ella, who is now bored with rolling and has tackled crawling and standing.  We started mom and baby music class during January, and Finn gets a huge grin on his face the moment that the music starts.  It’s fitting that he was born on Sir Paul McCartney’s birthday! Finn is also eating more solid food, and we’re having a hard time finding a fruit or veggie that he doesn’t like!  Definitely got that trait from his mom, not his dad….

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