Low-key November

November was thankfully low-key.  We took a road trip to Lexington, NC, to visit one of the finest vineyards… in North Carolina, and we had some delicious Lexington-style BBQ afterward.  Our Thanksgiving trip to St. Louis was fun. Mom and Finn took their second plane ride without Dad, which was a success! No tears, and lots of chatting with/to our neighbor, who happily chatted back.  The weather was great, so we took lots of walks and went on Finn’s first carousel ride, which left grandma and mom sick, but Finn with a confused smile on his face! Finn met all of his STL relatives on this trip, including his three great-grandparents. We were also lucky enough to overlap in STL with Maggie and Tommy, and their two adorable kids, Liam and Grace.

If it’s even possible, Finn is now more chatty than ever.  He has figured out what consonants are and is starting to repeat the sounds and words that he hears.  He has also mastered the open-mouthed kiss on the cheek! We put our Christmas tree up early this year, and Finn is fascinated with the pine needles and lights!

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