Baptisms, and Beware the Shark Finn

Two Baptisms (Finn’s in South Bend and Ella’s in Litchfield, CT), a trip to Raleigh to see Liz and Dave pre-baby, and other fun stuff around Charlotte  made October a busy month for us!  It was so fun to be back in South Bend, despite the miserable rainy weather, where we had Finn Baptized at the Log Chapel on campus.  Clearly Dave is working his Notre Dame influence early and often 🙂  Both of our families joined us, and we had a great time tailgating, gamewatching, and playing with the babes. In Connecticut, we dressed Ella and Finn in an ocean theme (coincidentally this time, but not coincidentally for all future Halloweens!) for their first Halloween. We decided that Finn is the least terrifying shark out there, so perhaps he’s a nurse shark? In Charlotte, we started going to Mom and Baby yoga classes, which teaches the fine art of baby distraction while giving mom a small amount of exercise 🙂

Finn is growing so much – he was already 15 lbs, 15 oz and over 25 inches at his four month appointment!  He is laughing a ton, playing with and holding rattles and toys, and shoving EVERYthing into his mouth.  This includes his entire fist, which causes him to gag every time, but he’s not deterred!  The funniest development this month has been his night moving.  Every morning, we find him two feet lower than where we originally placed him, and he has spun himself 180 degrees around and is facing the opposite side of the crib.  We really want to know how many times he actually spins completely around during the night to get to his final position…

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