Trips, friends, family, engagements and laughs

Call us inexperienced parents, but for some reason we decided that flying a lot with a newborn was a good idea. Turns out that with this little one, it actually isn’t the dumbest idea ever! During the week of the DNC, we decided we had to get out of Charlotte, since all of the convention activities were in our back yard (not to mention security that checked your ID everywhere that you WALKED).  So, we headed back to the cabin and MN, and Dave worked from home during the week (no, not in the office with my dad, but that would have been amazing; Dave shows up with his morning coffee and in his PJs: “Morning, Mike…”). Finn also met our MN friends, including the newest Minnesotan, Alissa!

It has been fun to be able to see the families so much over the past few months!  We had another excuse to get on a plane, when Shannon and Chris got engaged! We went to Chicago to look for wedding dresses with Shannon, while Finn hung with Dad, Uncle Chris, Uncle Mark Guest, and friends at some restaurants and (tame?) bars in Chicago. Finn also met his new friend, John Roaldi, who was born a month after him. So glad we got to see Maria Mike and John before their big move to Columbus!

Finn is laughing up a storm these days, although it’s really hard to capture on camera. We occasionally call him “Finnconsistent”, since his mood seems to change on a dime! He is also spending more time on his tummy and looking around a lot (he hates to be held toward us when he feels like looking around and exploring). Jogs and walks are also fun for him – the weather is no longer 100 degrees every day, so we’re spending more time outside!

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