Month 2 – Baby’s first trip, and cousins unite!

Month two of Finn’s life was obviously filled with lots of firsts!  Feeling a little bit more confident about reading and predicting Finn’s moods and behavior, we went on more and longer walks and went out to dinner around town more. Thankfully Finn is a good restaurant sleeper – for now…

We also went on our first plane ride with the baby to Minnesota.  The first flight was Mom and Finn only…. so needless to say I was scared to death of what would happen.  Luckily, Finn slept nearly the entire way, didn’t fuss, and most importantly, had no diaper emergencies on the plane! We spent two weeks in Minnesota and at the cabin in Wisconsin, and Dave was there for most of the trip, with one quick stop back to Charlotte in the middle.  Of course, Finn had his first dip in the lake as soon as Dave arrived at the cabin – future water polo player or swimmer??  Uncle Ryan and Aunt Marissa brought Ella as well, and the cousins met for the first time at six weeks old!  We were all really excited about it, but I think Aunt Shannon might have been the happiest… 🙂 Once we returned from MN, we had more family time with Grandma and Grandpa Tersch in Charlotte.

Finn is becoming more active by the day, and he is being more expressive (sticking tongue out, big smiles, grasping fingers and toys, etc.).  It’s amazing how much changes in such a short period of time.  Can’t believe it has only been two months!

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