Welcome, Finn David Terschluse!

On June 18th, 2012, Finn David Terschluse decided he’d had enough of the cramped womb and graced us with his presence just two days before his due date. Finn  was 8 lbs, 8 ounces when born, and he clocked in at 23 inches long (although I think the nurses were a little generous with that measurement!).  What an amazing experience this first month has been.  Although not without its hiccups (NICU stay for Finn, ER visit for mom a week later), we’re finally beginning to settle into a bit of a routine.

We thankfully had plenty of helping hands to help us adjust to parenthood.  Mom and Dad Traeger made it in time for the birth, as did Mom Terschluse.  Dad Terschluse arrived two days later, and needless to say that they’re all pretty excited about the first grandbaby!! Aunt Shannon made a surprise appearance while we were still in the hospital, and she returned a week later with Uncles Chris and Danny for a longer stay!

Finn has been such a great baby so far. He is by far the most vocal baby I’ve ever been around.  From day 1, he was cooing, grunting, singing/humming, and what Dave likes to call “baby snoring” (basically humming in his sleep).  He is already a prankster, which generally takes the form of us changing his diaper, closing up the new diaper, and Finn immediately giving us another reason to change the new diaper again! Finn already seems pretty strong – he has been lifting his head up while we hold him upright, but he is still trying to figure out how to keep his head up during early Tummy Time sessions.

All in all, it has been tiring, fun, rewarding and amazing to have our first little son in our lives!

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